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What are dreams?

What is greatness?

What is the nexus between one’s dreams and one’s greatness?

These are the questions that come to one’s heart when the topic Dreams – An index to one’s greatness comes in. There are visions, missions and aspirations of what to accomplish or fulfill in the nearest future as contrast one’s current position, that is if you have one.

Every man’s achievement is based on his earlier perceived vision about it. I call it imagination. Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attraction.

Back to the question – What are Dreams?

A dream is am imparted picture of a great future that one have in his heart, dreams are imparted picture of the future. A dream becomes a dream when one is determined or possesses the mind set of achieving that which he had imagined.

Dreams are imaginations of a great future – an imaginary picture of one’s tomorrow.

Your tomorrow is shaped by the kind of dreams or imaginations you have today.

When you dream BIG, when you Imagine BIG, when you have this BIG vision – you will surly become BIG.

Meaning, when you dream of Being In Greatness, you will surely Be In Greatness. Yes! Only with determination.

Your imagination with a close determination will take you to your desired destination.

Having understood what dreams are, let’s proceed to know what greatness is.

Greatness is the reward to every determined, dedicated and diligent dream follower. Greatness is relative to success. Greatness is to be the best among your kinsmen, greatness is to attain certain height in one’s life time. Finally greatness is like a destination.

One thing one should understand about greatness is that you cannot get to a destination without knowing it.

Many things are involved in becoming great in life. Greatness don’t just happen, yes we are born to be great but greatness is not known to be ready-made. it involves a lot.

  • You need to imagine that which you want to become.
  • Draw a picture of your desired future in your heart
  • Work toward achieving that which you have imagined and be focus
  • Dedicate yourself and time to achieving your dreams

Surely, you will get to your destination which is your greatness.

My question is what connects one’s dreams and greatness?

What is the nexus between one’s dream and greatness?

Many youths today don’t have a dream, they are following a path without knowing where they are heading to. In other words, they are on a journey without a destination.

As a youth, you should have a destination – a place you are heading to in life because when you see it, God will give it.

Be a vision driven youth, because you cannot get what you don’t want.

Understand that it is only a known destination that can be reached.

Your dreams or imagination will always take you to greatness, not just by mere dreaming it or imagining it but by acting towards achieving it.

Let your imaginations, dreams and goals get married with determination and you shall give birth to fulfillment.

Do you know that you can achieve whatever you have as your dream or whatever youhave imagined?

Your dreams or imaginations are your index to greatness – that is why I say a man’s dream is an index to his greatness.

Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them but if you follow them, they will take you to your destiny.

You must know the importance of dreams and imaginations. Because to accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.

The importance of imaginations and dreams is also seen in Albert Einstein quote. He said

“Imagination encompasses of everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attraction”. (Emphasis added).

One thing one should understand is that without a dram, an imagination or goal there is no greatness, there is no accomplishment. Because when you dream it, you will have it.

Good imagination is the framework of every great man’s achievement.

Know that you can achieve whatever you have imagined. How?

You keep your dreams alive – understand that to achieve anything requires faith. Believe in yourself, have vision, be hardworking, have determination and self-dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Also, remember with GOD all things are possible.




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