How will you write your story?
Every human is a story writer.
Man is the writer of his own story. How do you want to tell your story? How do you want it to be told?
The decisions you make today have a reflection on your tomorrow’s story.
You are never a victim. Understand that whatever you choose to do in the next three weeks can make you a great individual, do you also know that whatever you do in the next three weeks can make you a failure? Yes! How do you want to write your story?
What happens to you in life does not really matter, what matters is how you react to that situation.
You are the writer of your own future.
Your destiny lies in your own hands.
This is a story of a man who wants to know how his future will look like.
There was a man who visited an herbalist to know what his destiny will look like.
This is their conversation.
Man: baba, i want to know my destiny, i mean my future.
Herbalist: my son, what is it about your future you want to know?
Man: baba, i want to know if my destiny will be bright. I want to know if i have a bright future.
Herbalist: hmmm, my son thats thoughtful of you, but you shall go and come back in seven days so i would have made the preparations.
Man: okay baba, i will be here in seven days.
Seven days later…
Herbalist: welcome my son.
Man: thank you baba, so have you check? Will i have a bright destiny?
Herbalist: come! Seat here my son.
The herbalist brought out a millipede and two chalks(black and white).
The herbalist did something practical. What did he do? He drew a circle with the white chalk and also with the black chalk.
Conversation continues…
Man: baba what is this?
Herbalist: listen my son, this millipede here represents your destiny, if it walks into the black chalk circle, this means your destiny is a dark one without light, but if it walks into the white chalk circle, it means you have a bright future, a destiny full of light. So be patient and watch.
The herbalist droped the millipede which he picked from calabash.
The millipede was moving while the man was watching, the millipede started moving towards the dark circle, almost in the black circle, suddenly, the man picked up the millipede and droped it into the white chalked circle. (what! What a self made destiny, i mean a self written destiny).
Conversation continues…
Herbalist: (with surprise) son, why did you do that? You shouldn’t have touched the millipede.
Man: i did because my destiny lies in my hand. I will be blamed if i let it go dark. In me lies the power to make it what i choose to. My decisions are reflections of what my future will look like. So baba, i have chosen to write a great story of my life.
The End!
So as every individuals, Your destiny lies in your hands. You are the writer of your own life story.
Temitope Oluwafemi

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