what have you chosen

A friend of mine wrote:
“You are not born a winner, you are not born a loser. You are only born a chooser.”

Then i wrote: write your own story

It is not your fault that you fall, but it becomes your fault if you do not rise. It is your choice.
Failure is inevitable, but not to give up is a choice.
I once said to my friend: “To give up is not an option for me, because i will never give up on my dreams.” That’s the choice i have made.
I have Chosen to be a WINNER.
I have chosen to write my life’s story in greatness and accomplishment of destiny.
I have chosen to be a winner in my marriage.
I have chosen to be a winner in my business,
and as a student, i have chosen academic excellence.
With the ‪#‎RIGHTATTITUDE‬ and Actions, ‪#‎iHaveCHOSENTOBEAWINNER‬.
“If you succeed, people will claim you, but when you fail, people will blame you. So, Choose wisely.”
Temitope Oluwafemi

You as a chooser and writer of own destiny,

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right attitude

Sometimes in life, the right things happen at the wrong time, while sometimes, the wrong result are gotten at the right time.
But your attitude towards these happenings could make them yield the best result. In other words, change your attitude towards life.
Positive mindset equals positive result. How?
“Positive mindset creates a positive thinking, positive thinking initiates a positive action and a positive action creates a positive result.”
– Temitope Oluwafemi
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