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“Suddenly,          There was a change of plans.

There was a change of goals orientation.

There was a change in my objectives.

There was a change in my targets.

There was a change of dreams.

There was a different between who I was and who I am.

There was a change in my attitude, it moved from wrong to right.

I moved from being a pessimist to an optimist, Positive thinking became one of my make up characteristics.

Success became a must for me and not an option.

I discovered my essence.

I knew why I was born.

My consciousness was awoken and now I am in charge.

I saw excellence as a part of me.

I perceived the new air, the new life and breath.

I moved from purposeless to purposeful so as to give life to the lifeless.

I moved from vision-less to a visionary being.” As he narrated.

He is a friend and a brother to me (actually from another mother). I met Amerior Sunday Emmanuel. in the University; we became friends, share talks and ideas. During the course of our discussion, he gave me this testimony about himself. Today, he is a member of this initiative, a mind changing Writer and Speaker. One of his upcoming write-ups is Triumphant after the Tunnel. A work I was opportune to contribute to. However, anticipate this write up; it’s a must to read.

However, he continued, “At fifteen (15), I wasn’t who I was now, I wasn’t awakened, as I was deep asleep in the potentiary world. My essence wasn’t revealed to me. Who I was and who I want to be was not my priority. However my friend, it’s a pitiful life. A life that lacks future productivity.”


Oh! What a CHANGE.

Change is an inevitable process in a human’s life. From time to time, individuals experience certain change in their lives, some biological scholars said “Change Is Natural”, but that’s the structural, functional and organic aspect of human.

However, as a speaker, I came to understand that there are various changes that could occur in an individual’s life but are not natural, these changes happen when certain level of consciousness is been awoken by one self. This change is self made thing. We can call it “Self Discovery”, the first step to becoming a Goal Getter.

There are:

Change in Attitude

Change in Mindset

Change in Ideas and innovations.

Powerful transformation of whole self consciousness

A change from being a baby dreamer to an achiever.

A change from “I CAN’T” attitude to “I CAN” attitude.

A change from being a “GOAL SETTER” to a “GOAL GETTER”

A change of nationality to the potentiary world, a citizenship that is acquired by new self birth. A new breath of hope, new dreams and goals are perceived, a new reason for living is created and the zeal to succeed is awakened.

Are you asleep in the world of potentials? This is the change you need. Provoke that spirit of excellence in you and be determined to succeed. Don’t settle for good, never rest for better but rather project towards excellence. A lot have been deposited in you by God, you are not just an ordinary being because you are extraordinary created by your creator. All you need do is to discover your essence, provoke your extraordinary spirit to function. It’s like a miracle, things beyond your own imagination that you could do. You have been given the power and ability to perform beyond expectation. Now is the CHANGE time. You are who you say you are, that is why a change of attitude and thinking is important.

If you don’t have answers to these questions yet, then you are ripe for that CHANGE.

You need to ask yourself questions like:

  • Why am I CREATED?
  • Why am I BORN?
  • What is my ESSENCE and PURPOSE?
  • Who am I?
  • How many lives have I TOUCHED?
  • Will others see through my light?
  • What will I be known for?
  • What will be my impact on Earth?
  • Do I have the I CAN attitude?
  • What is that thing that DRIVES me?


Do you find yourself meditating on these questions? Then your change time is now. The process of getting answers to these questions is the power filled and mind opening process of CHANGE.

This is the CHANGE you need and Today is the Right time, don’t procrastinate, let others see through your light, but you can only put that light on when you discover yourself.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi

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