YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM By Temitope Oluwafemi


Do you think you are a victim? If Yes, A victim of what?
Are you responsible for your current position in life?
You think it’s not you? Then you think its life’s doing?
You think your actions are not connected to your current position (whether better or worse)?
You just think life is treating you so bad, I mean so unequal?

Oh! You say to yourself, I am a victim of life’s negativity; I am a victim of life’s harsh and brutish nature. I haven’t gotten the best out of life, sometimes you even say, I am not getting what I desire from life.
However, the question is, are you really a victim? No! You are not a victim, you are not a victim of whatever you think life has given you or perhaps things you get from it. We were created extraordinarily to manifest and show the glory of God in our life, the mandate to be great has been given to us from birth, some seeds of greatness have been deposited in to us – we have got to command them to grow not minding the different obstacle we face in our life time. We are not a victim and were never created a victim, but only your choice, decisions and attitude can make you one.

Let’s take a simple path to know who a victim really is. Who is a victim? A victim is someone who has suffered attack, injuries and even suffered death as a result of a particular given phenomena. You become a victim when something happen to you unaware but however, you can choose to remain a victim or not to remain one. That Is why I said you are not actually a victim.
As we proceed through this mind changing journey, we shall examine the life of a woman who fell victim at first but decided not to remain a victim for life because she knew she wasn’t one. You should understand that you are the product of your choices, decisions and attitude. You are not actually a victim, only your actions and inactions can make you a victim. You can choose to be a victim or not, it’s your choice.
You can fall and fail, because the road to greatness is rough and tough, but you become a victim when you choose not to rise up again.
Then it becomes your fault and not life’s. Some things could have happened to you in life that has made you think you are a victim, but your attitude towards such things can change your destiny. Why? Because it’s your choice.

Oprah Winfrey
Her story: She was raped at 14 which got her pregnant, she later lost the child. Oh! Has that made her a victim? You may say yes, but she decided not to remain a victim for life. She stood up and started life again to become an achiever and a star of which she is today. Tell me, will you see her today and say she was a victim? No! You won’t even want to say that. She now dines and wine with kings and presidents; because she has achieved greatness. Her net worth is about $3.1 billion as at 2015.

Zig Ziglar’s Questions.
In one of Late Zig Ziglar’s public presentation, he pops up these questions.

The First question
“How many of you believe there’s something you can do in the next three weeks that would make your personal life, your family life and your business life worse”?

The Second question
“How many of you believe there’s something you can do in the next three weeks to make your personal life, your family life and your business life better”?

The Third question
“How many of you believe that the choice is yours”?

The Forth question
“How many of you believe every choice has an end result”?
However, Ziglar concluded by saying “Here’s what you just agreed to; there’s something you can do right now that can make your life either better or worse, and that the choice is yours. You are not a victim.” Now, you should have a better understanding of what I mean by saying you Are not a victim.
As Ziglar has illustrated above, only you can decide to make your life and world either better or worse; you’ve got the most powerful instrument to use within you, it’s your decision making power.
You’re the owner of your world; you can make it look either beautiful or ugly.
The choice is yours.  
Do you believe you are the author of your life’s story?
Then ask yourself, AM I A VICTIM?

I am Temitope Oluwafemi


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