The Don’t of life by Kolawole S. Olaoye


Don’t get tired when you are not done
Don’t think you don’t make mistakes
Don’t get tired of making mistakes but get tired of making same mistakes if truly you want to learn.
Don’t get tired of evaluating yourself
Don’t think everyone will be at peace with you
Don’t think everyone wants your success
Don’t think everyone wants your failure
Don’t think you are free of shortcomings
Don’t think you know all
Don’t think you know nothing
Don’t think you have it all
Don’t get tired of learning because you are yet to utilize your full potential. Hmmm…don’t you know you are braver than you think you are? You are who you are and you are braver than you think you are.
My friend, you are genetically coded to do exploit, that is what I mean by saying “you are who you are”
Don’t allow the negative side of your environment to debar you from utilizing your potential. That environment of yours is full of opportunities, open your eyes wide you will see them. May God release His grace and unction on you so as to see that idea you need for your breakthrough in life.
Don’t be lazy and
Don’t be negative in thoughts. Always embrace the motivational clause “I can” and I tell you, you will do exploit.
Above all Don’t forget God
In this present Nigeria, some are seriously complaining that things are not easy while the businesses of some are seriously booming. My friend, *be busy* that is what the word *business* connotes. Be busy, but with something profitable.
You are destined for success. So, be conscious of your action(s) so as to see and enjoy that bright future, may your joy not be truncated for you are engineered for success.




This is something great and significant coming from my table at this hour of the year. It is visible to all that this year is coming to an end. However, before we round off the year, alot can still be changed.
Well, i will be writing on a change of attitude.

Your attitude in the coming year should be that which draws success closer.

*Put all your pasts behind and project to a wonderful year with the right attitude*

You should understand that, having the right attitude towards things makes things right for you. Your past should not control your present and therefore having a strong negative effect on your future.

“Everything from your past does not belong in your present.” – Lolly Daskal

Do you nuture an attitude that does not give up on the past?, i mean an attitude that holds onto the mistakes of the past?
Well, it takes you no where but only rob you of the possibility of having a successful year. A change of attitude is what you need.
Check the overview of the past year(s), check your past mistake(s), allow them only to guide your steps in the coming year, never allow them to control you.

Winston Churchill said “Attitude is that small thing that makes a big difference.”

The kind of attitude you nuture is a reflection of how successful your year would be. Your attitude means alot, as it is the totality of your life in your own hands.

Before the new year, change your attitude.
*Change your attitude towards your dream.
*Change your attitude towards your goals.
*Change your attitude towards your life.
*Change your attitude towards your relationship.
*Change your attitude towards your pasts.
*Change your attitude towards your career.
*Change your attitude towards people.
*Change your attitude towards everything.

“Your capacity will take you to the top but your attitude will keep you there.” – Unknown Author.

The kind of attitude you possess or nuture tell alot about the kind of person you are.

*Nothing is impossible for you to achieve when you have the right attitude towards it.*

Before the new year, change your attitude.

Wishing you a fulfilled year ahead.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi