“Before God choose you, God has given you the ability and intelligence to fulfill His purpose for your life. You just have to understand His creativity in you.”
(Read Exodus 35 v 10-35) – Temitope Oluwafemi

God is a creative God – His creativity has made the world what it is, the natural beautification of the earth and space is beyond human’s comprehension and explanation. Imagine the world before creation, the bible made us to understand that the earth was void and shapeless, and there was total darkness upon the face of the earth. (Read Gen. 1 v 1-2).

As a creative God, he knew that the first change that could be made to the void and dark earth was to create light. “…and he said, let there be light, and there was light.” Gen. 1v3.  WOW! Wonder of Wonders.

What a God of creativity. Can you explain the source of light to the earth?” its God’s creativity, His works are beyond human’s comprehension. The creation of the Heavens, Earth (Soil), Plants, Seas, Water, The Firmaments of The Heavens, The Skies, The Sea Animals, Land Animals, Mammals, Reptiles, Trees, Birds, Mountains, Valley and every other thing that God has created. Imagine the arrangement of the earth, it is beyond human understanding, it only reflect the creative power of God. God created the Garden of Eden the arrangement of all what he has created – such arrangement is beyond imagination. What a perfect arrangement. God’s creations are perfect and they are wonderfully made.

After the creation of the Garden of Eden, God said “let us create man in our image.” (Gen. 1 v 26). However, before the statement, God knew he would need someone with the same creativity to manage the affairs of the beautiful things he had created, not only to manage them, but also to pro-create from His creations. Then creating man was the best option for God. He called upon His Council of Elders – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God worked with the ideas of the councils, he is the greatest leader. And the Bible recorded that God took out of the Soil of the Earth and He molded man – God is the greatest artist. God created man and gave the breath of life to man, and man came to life.

This is creativity, it is beyond our explanation. God created man in His own image, this means, you are the image of God. When God gave the breath of life to man, he gave us His characteristics and His inherent abilities. That is why we are called “Small god”. That moment when God gave the breath of life to us, we became small gods and also we have fulfilled the purpose of creating man in His image. In respect to the creation of man, God has deposited in us, me and you a strong percentage of His abilities and creativity which is sufficient for us, me and you to fulfill His purpose for your life. When we understand the creativity of God, it gives us an insight to unleashing our own creativeness. Since that moment you were given the breath of life, you have inhabit the greatness and creativeness of God in you. That is why you are capable of doing anything you believe you could do, even beyond your own imagination. Why will you belittle yourself to what you can achieve, when what you have in you is not little? You’ve got to unleash the creativeness of God in you, because it’s all in you.

For every man that is born, there is a purpose and for every purpose, there is a given ability. Understanding your purpose is quite different from knowing your ability. Your ability represents your creativeness and your purpose is your destiny. God gives purpose and also the ability to fulfill such purpose. Before God choose you, God has given you the ability and intelligence to fulfill his purpose for your life. You’ve got to understand this creativity in you; by this I mean, your God’s given inherent ability. (Read Exodus 35 v 10-35).

To understand God’s creativeness in you, you have to create a working relationship with God, follow His steps, obey Him and Believe in Him; through this relationship, God will reveal a lot to you about YOU and HIM. God said “before you were born, I know you”, that is, God knew you and His purpose for your life is clearly define, you just have to understand the creativity of God; because it’s in you.

Understanding God’s creativity give an insight to understanding your own creativeness. Yes! You are creative in your world of purpose; you’ve got the power, greatness, and ability to solve the world’s complex problems.

We are all created to solve a problem, and to solve problems, you must first identity them. It’s in you, if you believe it’s in you. You can achieve greatness if you believe you can The creativity of God the Son which is inspired by God the Holy Spirit through the powering of God the Father, gives the understanding that the Council of Gods are all creative. Check the works of Jesus (God the Son) while on earth; from His first miracle (practice of creativeness) which was turning of water to wine (read John 2 v 1 – 11). Can you explain the chemistry? To the feeding of 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and seven fish. (Read John 6 v 1 – 14). Tell me, can you explain that multiplication principle? Jesus was chosen for the job, (John 3 v 16 and Mark 1 v 11) and He was likewise given the power and ability to fulfill His Purpose on earth. Same thing is applicable to you as a creation of God, you are created for a purpose, you are chosen to solve a problem, in respect to this, God Has likewise given you the power, skills, intelligence and ability to fulfill His purpose for your life. For every purpose you are born for, there is always an inherent given ability for its fulfillments.

God bless the works of your hand.
God bless the thought of your hearth. You are more than what you think you are, You’ve got more than just a common thinking in you. You are more creative than you think. You were not created just to live a common live. You are created for an extraordinary purpose.
Discover the creativity of God in you and Provoke it to function.
Enjoy the creativeness of God in your life.
God Bless you.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi


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