That Unique Salvation by Ayegbusi Oluwatosin Esther


A preacher came up to me one day and he was like give your life to Christ
Though, I had heard this a thousand times
And something in the corner of my heart was telling me “why?
Why would you do that?
Of course I had given my life to Him many times, sworn allegiance,

Yet I wasn’t sure of the salvation he was talking about
And he went on and on and on about this supreme God and salvation
He said I’m sure you know we’re in the perilous time
and to live a Christian life, we should be able to grasp the word of life

So I became curious, curious than ever before
I go to church sometimes, sing praises to God, what more could he demand?
Now the preacher was certain he got my attention this time
Then he said not only must a person be totally committed,
but within context of that commitment,
there is a giving of everything in that person
Again I became intensely curious, but my inability to take decisions prevented me from pursuing the matter to a conclusion
And I began to drift backward as I done before…

Fundamentally, we’re human beings: this is the only thing that counts,
And you would think it would be easy to talk to someone on equal terms
But no such is the incredible perversity of the human race that we persist in making complications
We revel in the art of obscurity class, race, and obscenity

Age, creed- all meaningless terms clogged in the misconception of centuries
In the end, the only true word is Life
So I moved slowly over this other reality, and beside it, and underneath, and around it
Now with strength, now with power, yet with a giving of myself to it
And He perceived this
Coming forward with His own power giving Himself to me in turn
Yet I know it’s more than illusion
Sometimes a coming together is possible,
a spilling of one reality into another
A kind of soft enlacing
Not prim intersections loomed in a world of precision

So this time, I gave my life to Him
In a more unique way
It was a different feeling
Now I realize the concept of salvation is Him
He’s the king, the prince of peace
And now you can see
The bible speaks of Him
He gave me hope of eternal home.

Tosyn Writes


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