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Temitope Oluwafemi

Most of us, our growing up hasn’t been that smooth but the determination to succeed, passion for greatness, perseverance spirit and the hope of light at the end of the tunnel has kept us moving.

Well, we have fell, failed and made mistakes on our journey through life, but we kept moving, why? Because Mistakes and failure wasn’t made to draw us back or even stop us from moving but was created for us to replan, re-equip ourselves, try new things and even become more stronger.

I have always believed that A road blocked does not mean the end of the journey, as many roads lead to a destination, some you just have to create them.

Keep moving, just don’t stop. Why? Because, Step by step makes the Top.

Run! When you need to run.

Fly! When you need to fly.

Walk! When you need to walk.

Just don’t STOP. 

When an S is added to your journey to the TOP, then it becomes STOP. The Letter S stands for  STAGNANCY.

However, Never be decieved by the pleasure of relaxation when you needed to be moving. Therefore, keep moving until you get there. 

What do I need to keep me moving?

After a destination is being pictured – IMAGINATION – the next step is to start the journey into its fulfilment.

Well, the road to that destination is not always smooth, it is as rough and tough that you might want to stop half-way. However, these things will get you going without you giving up.

1. The Determination to Succeed: Determination has been one of the pushing force that has kept us moving. Like i once wrote, the road to success is not smooth as it appears but with the determination to succeed, you will never want to stop moving until you get there. With determination, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. Trust me, it works.

So, as you journey to greatness, let your imaginations, dreams and goals get married with determination and you shall give birth to fulfilments.

2. The Passion for Greatness: Passion! Love! Your feelings towards greatness. It is important not to mistake being passionate for being desperate. Well, they are two different things, as being passionate keeps you on the right path while being desperate might make you go wrong.

In a nutshell, be passionate about what you do, passion motivate your inner mind and gives you the spirit of perseverance, the mind that never give up.

Passion creates in you the perseverance spirit, the spirit that never give up.

3. Perseverance Spirit: This is the mind that never give up. It keeps you moving until you get there. With the determination to succeed and the passion for greatness you shall inherit the perseverance spirit.

4. The Hope of light at the end of the Tunnel: The journey of life is also related to be the Tunnel of life. The tunnel of life is characterized with lots of negativity, stones discouragement from family and friends, pessimists, hates and failures. But with the hope of getting to the light at the end of the Tunnel, you will keep moving until you get to the light.

Give yourself reasons to keep moving and never to give up.

Motivate your inner mind, body and soul towards achieving success.

Never stop moving until you get to that place you want to be.

I have always said to myself,

I have chosen a path to follow, it’s the path to greatness. With the Hope of light at the end of the Tunnel, i shall keep moving until i get there, no matter how rough and tough it may look.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi



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