triumBy Temitope Oluwafemi
“It is better to live your own life imperfectly,
than to imitate someone
else’s perfectly.” – Elizabeth Gilbert
“Living your life to Express and not to Impress.”
I was born to live my life to its fullest, the potentials to live my life to its fullest has been deposited in me, then the question is, how do I actually utilize my potentials to its fullest, is it when I live my life to impress or to express it? (That question is rhetorical, I wasn’t really expecting an answer directly, I only wanted you to meditate on it.)
You see, these potentials are in me, they are mine and they are my stepping stone to greatness if fully utilized. Well, you should understand that utilizing your potentials literally means expressing them from the inner you to the outside you for people to see.
Sometimes, you mistake living to express for living to impress. When you are too conscious of what people thinks about you, then, you are indirectly living to impress them. Actually you wouldn’t want people to say negative things about you, and then there are tendencies of you doing things to please people all your life which might not actually be a road to fulfillments of potentials or destiny.
“Live your life to express the true you and not to impress others.”
Understand that living to impress leads to pretence and lies which are disastrous to destiny fulfillments. In other words, living to impress does not bring out the true you out of you; it only shows how inferior you are to your own potentials which will be under used. Let’s be practical here, you have got a car, but you don’t put it to use, you prefer to use another person’s own. Well, the implications are these:
1. Your own car will be under-utilized.
2. You are bringing out the beauty of others (not yours) through yourself.
3. You haven’t attained fulfillments and also lack inner-peace of satisfaction.
When you live to express the true you, indirectly or directly, you are impressing some individuals who may not necessary be everybody. In other words, you cannot or may not be able to impress everybody through yourself expressions. Therefore, express yourself maximally to impress the few that chose to be impressed.
“Don’t change who you are for what you want, let who you want love you for who you are.”
You are peculiar to your environment; there is a peculiar reason and purpose why you are where you are.
Living to express is your ability to interpret your purpose from within to the outside world. As a light to the world, you live to let your light shine from your within, that is, you express the brightness of the light to its maximum.
Check yourself; have you been living to impress or to express?
 Do you think more about people’s comments about you than you think about yourself?
 Do you find yourself doing what people want you to do than what you want to do?
 Have you been trying to become like someone lately rather than trying to figure out what you are truly born to become?
 I don’t want people to see me, is that what you say?
Meditate on these questions as you check your life’s status of living.
Harold W. Becker said “express the real you that you are.” A great speaker which I was opportune to listen to, Patrick also said “what you do should express why you live.”
Living to express is equivalent to defining who you are, it is the practical act of telling people who you truly are and who you want to become.
Most persons live their lives based on the illusion of other persons, as their existence is based on the illusion expression of some certain people. Thus, they live to express the illusion of others and not actually to express their true self.
 Bring out the best in you and not the best of others through you.
 If you want to get the best of your life, live your life expressing the best in you.
 Chase your purpose fulfillments always.
 Do that which you enjoy doing and do it well.
 Whatever good thing you know how to do, do it well.
Effects of living to express
1. Inner-peace: This comes as a result of purpose discovery and fulfillments. Your body, mind and soul relate to give you the best.
2. Happiness: your joy here is renewed; it is an inbuilt kind of happiness which is the best.
3. Self satisfaction
4. Greatness
5. Destiny fulfillments
Effects of living to impress
1. Partial or no happiness/ inner-peace
2. Fear: you will become fearful of the unknown, you’ll become uncertain about what you think people want.
3. Mistakes: you will begin to make mistakes than you ever expected. In other words, you will become more conscious of your errors.
4. Partial or no self satisfaction
5. Under-utilized potentials
Most times, we live to impress others due to the fear of uncertainty, that is, the mindset of what people will say about what we do. Abolish that fear and you shall live to express.
Yes! Express yourself to its fullest.
© Temitope Oluwafemi


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