Reading Jim Raley’s book titled Dream Killer; I came across some words, these words inspired my writings on dreams are contagious. In that book, Jim Raley gave notes on how his dad’s dream made him to dream and never stop to dream. Let me share with you those words, here are they:

“Life never dealt my dad an easy hand, but he always held mine. He never had much. He had to quit school in the eighth grade to help take care of his family. He pastored his first church when he was seventeen and preached the gospel for fifty-five years. I grew up living in church parsonages (some worse than others!) and watch my dad dream big wherever he was. No matter how tough things get at our churches, dad was always dreaming of the next great thing that was about to happen in his ministry. He had the boldness to dream in the toughest of times. His dreams were contagious, and I started dreaming with him and I’ve never stopped!

Never forget – Dreams are contagious.” – Jim Raley

Dreams are like measles, they spread, as you dream big, you inspire others to dream to. As you set goals, you inspire others to set and achieve their goals too. Sometimes, the spread of dreams are done indirectly or unconsciously. You should be mindful of things you do when you think people aren’t watching you, because they watch you and you indirectly or directly inspire them to do the same things you do. Don’t forget! – Dreams are contagious.

Dare to dream big, so others could dream too! Understand that the dreaming circle starts from you. That is, if you don’t take that step you need to take, other people that are meant to take that same step wouldn’t do same. Your dreams can make others to dream too.

You must understand that your dreams are an index to your greatness and other persons’ greatness; that is why you must not stop dreaming. My experience as a young dreamer has given me the sense that my dreams has also made others to start dreaming and because I wouldn’t give up, others wouldn’t give up too. I have this young friend, we connected on facebook, and she has been my friend and audience for the past years till date. In one of our conversation, she told me, “Daddy (like she fondly call me), I want to dream like you, I want to talk to people about life.” Wow! A light stroked in me. My dream just became measles, it just spread, my dream just became measles, it just spread, and she just ignites her light from mine. Since then she has been doing good. Did you just see? Dreams are contagious.


Don’t stop dreaming, so others won’t stop dreaming too!

Have you started dreaming? Yes! You should have, so, that’s not the driving point, because we must all dream, but the driving point and message is don’t stop dreaming. Your dreams should be “Incremental”, that is, “Incremental Dreams.” Why incremental? Dream your dreams step-by-step and start little in a small degree. Don’t rush but push with focus and determination.

Diligence is the key to a continuous success.

When you dream, you fail, dream again, you fail, dreams again until you succeed. Make your dream an incremental dream. However, as I read the book Dream Killer by Jim Raley, I came across these powerful words which made dreaming a continuous process. Let me share these words with you.

“Big dreamers do things differently from others. To dare to dream big is the difference that makes impossibilities a reality. Basketball superstar, Michael Jordan was cut from high school basketball team. However, he didn’t give up. His philosophy: “I play to win. The day I stop improving is the day I walk away from the game.” He didn’t just have a dream, he was committed to shooting three hundred baskets a day, and his dreams became a reality.”

To stand firm in the journey of life to destiny fulfillments, “you must have a vision to see your potentials and the faith to believe you can accomplish your dreams.” That believe keeps you going; the believe that God can do it through you and the believe that you can do it through God; because God has designed you to dream big. He has given you the mandate to dream and achieve your dreams. Let me share with you some powerful words from great minds that will make you never to stop dreaming.

  1. Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. – Anthony Robbins
  2. Nothing is impossible, if you set your mind to do it. – John C. Maxwell
  3. Expectations do not just come to reality; it comes with a work through spirit and attitude. – Temitope Oluwafemi
  4. Your will has to be stronger than your fear. – Bryant McGill
  5. Don’t let any hurdles stop you from living the life of your dreams. – John C. Maxwell
  6. When passion drives you, nothing stops you. – Temitope Oluwafemi

Don’t stop dreaming, because dreams are contagious, when you stop, others stop too!


As a light, you are meant to shine bright so others could see through you. Your light isn’t meant for only you to see with, so, shine for others to shine too! As Jim Raley once said, “As a dreamer, you are God’s gift to someone in your life. One of the most essential things you must realize and consider is how your dream will influence others.” Then if your dreams aren’t for you only, then the greatness of others is directly or indirectly related to your dreams and its fulfillment. That is, when and if you win in the race of life, you make others win too because, your dreams are contagious. Understand that your dream goes beyond you, it goes beyond your present position, and it travels into your future as it encompasses the totality of your life in God’s hand through you. If your dream is a God given dream, then it is going to be a big dream. The realization of your dream is linked with the realization of other person’s dream. As you follow through your dreams, it is also linked with the follow through spirit others would have too.

As a dreamer, you should posses the determination spirit and an “intestinal fortitude” to follow your dreams through to a manifested reality; by doing this you give other persons same ability and spirit, because your dream is like a measles, it spreads.

Always dream a good dream, because it’s not just you.

Let me relate with you history of great dreamers that had propelled the dreams of you and I today.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt big, so other could dream big too, today his dream had propelled the dreams of civil right activists.
  • Thomas Edison was also a great dreamer whom has influenced our dreams and will still continue to influence it. He stood by his dream so as to bring us out of darkness; and because of the light, we all have continued to dream. You see, dreams are really contagious.

The truth is, we have all benefited from others dream, yes, and we are dreaming because some persons had dreamt and still dreaming. Then it will be right to say dreams are contagious, so don’t stop dreaming because when you stop, others stop too.

Dreams are powerful disease, very contagious, it spread with speed. So, like I once said, DREAM THE GOOD DREAMS.

© Temitope Oluwafemi (Goal Getter)




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