SPEAK FOR YOURSELF by Temitope Oluwafemi


As an undergraduate, there was a platform which was created to aid quick dissemination of information to the students in the department. The platform helped during mú undergraduate studies and even till the post-undergraduate days. On this very day, it was cool in the platform, then a question was popped up by a member of the group. “how are you guys doing?” I quickly replied “we are fine”, then I was surprised to read the next message from another member which says “speak for yourself.”

Next thing, the hastag #SpeakForYourself was trending.


That was by the way!


The first question is, who are you? Take your time to answer this question, don’t rush it.
To know who you are is to know your purpose and potentials.

Before you could speak for yourself, you must first discover yourself.

How do I tell people this is me when I don’t know who is me.

Yes! The second speaker was right! I should have spoken for myself. How could I have said WE instead of I. I spoke for people I don’t know who they are, where they are and what they are currently going through. Therefore, you can only speak for yourself because you know yourself, your current state of mind and altitude in life. Then what happens if you don’t know yourself? Aren’t you going to speak wrongly about yourself or perhaps people speak wrongly about you.

The act of knowing who you are is the process of revealing the ME in YOU.

You see, Me is an expressive word which is used to say things about yourself as a single person. You is used by people outside your world to describe you which might be different from your true identity or purpose.

In a nutshell, when you know who you are, you will speak for yourself better than people will speak for you.

To speak for yourself is to be expressive i.e. expressing your true self, potentials and purpose.


Speaking for yourself is an expressive process of revealing your inbuilt creativity to the world outside you.

But before you speak for yourself, master your self, master your creativity, master your skills, master your mind, master your purpose and master your potentials.

I am born uniquely with my own unique purpose, potentials and abilities. Yes! They are peculiar to me. Therefore, by manifesting these unique potential, purpose and abilities, I am speaking for myself.

Understand that to speak fluently for yourself, you must first master the art of speaking, it is a process, don’t rush it. A child does not know how to speak from birth, it takes a mastering process.

Also, understand that what you speak about yourself is a product of your mind set and your mindset carries the totality of your perspective about yourself.


  • Negativity
  • Criticism
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain
  • Fear

Yes, these stones will be thrown at you at some point of speaking or manifesting but do not mind them, correct your mistakes if the need be then move on, don’t let them hold you down and you should not hold onto them. You can only win them by being positive in your totality.


  • Inner Peace
  • Satisfaction
  • Greatness
  • Self expression
  • Make expliot.

In this note, I drop my pen. Join me next time on this platform.

© Temitope Oluwafemi



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