Temitope Motivational Foundation is an initiative established to help INSPIRE youths to live a PURPOSEFUL LIFE and also help in DESTINY FULFILLMENT, through our publications and talks.

TMF’s MOTTO is “LIBERATING THE YOUTHS”. However, our motto says much of our aims and objectives in a concrete form. But in a broader perspect our AIMS are:

1. To help youths/teens adopt a purposeful lifestyle through the unleashment of their hidden potentials.

2. To awaken youths/teens consciousness from their potentiary slumber.

3. To encourage youths/teens never to give up on their dreams.

4. To reach out to as many youths/teens as possible through our various programmes. (i.e. our publications and seminars)

5. To increase the potential productivity of students and youths at large through “Self Discovery”.


1. To see youths/teens maximizing their true potentials.

2. To build youths/teens with great positive mindset towards their dreams and nation.

3. To see youths understanding the relationship between their dreams actualization and national development.

4. To see youths/teens utilizing their true self in making the right decision using the right attitude.

Temitope Oluwafemi is the founder of this Foundation. click here for more


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