PAIN by Adediran Omotara Tblead

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Dragged to the surface

Her clothes ripped from her

Tears flowing from her eyes like rain drops

Screaming and struggling in pains as she was defiled

Pleading for mercy from her oppressor

 No saviour!

The satisfying grin on his face after tasting the sacred wine

 She held her torn cloth against her barely developed breast

She felt violated,she felt hatred not just for him but for humanity and the world

A world she has spent 16years in

A world in which she was separated from her parents by the gruesome hands of death

Days rolled into weeks,weeks into months

Vomiting and her tommy protruding 

She was mocked

The world rejected her

She couldn’t bear the pain

She tied a knot,made a loop

Ended her life of shame and anguish

Took her unborn child with her

She couldn’t bear to bring the unborn into the unjust world

Bright minds with great plans and ideas

Were shut off just because of an act,

Cruel act

Gruesome act that makes the world unfit to live in.

© Adediran Omotara (Tblead)