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Sometimes we slip and fall, we meet with difficulties and negativity from people around us, yes it might be fatal, but it’s not final. We can still stand up, continue and win.

Temitope Oluwafemi

SPEAK FOR YOURSELF by Temitope Oluwafemi


As an undergraduate, there was a platform which was created to aid quick dissemination of information to the students in the department. The platform helped during mú undergraduate studies and even till the post-undergraduate days. On this very day, it was cool in the platform, then a question was popped up by a member of the group. “how are you guys doing?” I quickly replied “we are fine”, then I was surprised to read the next message from another member which says “speak for yourself.”

Next thing, the hastag #SpeakForYourself was trending.


That was by the way!


The first question is, who are you? Take your time to answer this question, don’t rush it.
To know who you are is to know your purpose and potentials.

Before you could speak for yourself, you must first discover yourself.

How do I tell people this is me when I don’t know who is me.

Yes! The second speaker was right! I should have spoken for myself. How could I have said WE instead of I. I spoke for people I don’t know who they are, where they are and what they are currently going through. Therefore, you can only speak for yourself because you know yourself, your current state of mind and altitude in life. Then what happens if you don’t know yourself? Aren’t you going to speak wrongly about yourself or perhaps people speak wrongly about you.

The act of knowing who you are is the process of revealing the ME in YOU.

You see, Me is an expressive word which is used to say things about yourself as a single person. You is used by people outside your world to describe you which might be different from your true identity or purpose.

In a nutshell, when you know who you are, you will speak for yourself better than people will speak for you.

To speak for yourself is to be expressive i.e. expressing your true self, potentials and purpose.


Speaking for yourself is an expressive process of revealing your inbuilt creativity to the world outside you.

But before you speak for yourself, master your self, master your creativity, master your skills, master your mind, master your purpose and master your potentials.

I am born uniquely with my own unique purpose, potentials and abilities. Yes! They are peculiar to me. Therefore, by manifesting these unique potential, purpose and abilities, I am speaking for myself.

Understand that to speak fluently for yourself, you must first master the art of speaking, it is a process, don’t rush it. A child does not know how to speak from birth, it takes a mastering process.

Also, understand that what you speak about yourself is a product of your mind set and your mindset carries the totality of your perspective about yourself.


  • Negativity
  • Criticism
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain
  • Fear

Yes, these stones will be thrown at you at some point of speaking or manifesting but do not mind them, correct your mistakes if the need be then move on, don’t let them hold you down and you should not hold onto them. You can only win them by being positive in your totality.


  • Inner Peace
  • Satisfaction
  • Greatness
  • Self expression
  • Make expliot.

In this note, I drop my pen. Join me next time on this platform.

© Temitope Oluwafemi





Reading Jim Raley’s book titled Dream Killer; I came across some words, these words inspired my writings on dreams are contagious. In that book, Jim Raley gave notes on how his dad’s dream made him to dream and never stop to dream. Let me share with you those words, here are they:

“Life never dealt my dad an easy hand, but he always held mine. He never had much. He had to quit school in the eighth grade to help take care of his family. He pastored his first church when he was seventeen and preached the gospel for fifty-five years. I grew up living in church parsonages (some worse than others!) and watch my dad dream big wherever he was. No matter how tough things get at our churches, dad was always dreaming of the next great thing that was about to happen in his ministry. He had the boldness to dream in the toughest of times. His dreams were contagious, and I started dreaming with him and I’ve never stopped!

Never forget – Dreams are contagious.” – Jim Raley

Dreams are like measles, they spread, as you dream big, you inspire others to dream to. As you set goals, you inspire others to set and achieve their goals too. Sometimes, the spread of dreams are done indirectly or unconsciously. You should be mindful of things you do when you think people aren’t watching you, because they watch you and you indirectly or directly inspire them to do the same things you do. Don’t forget! – Dreams are contagious.

Dare to dream big, so others could dream too! Understand that the dreaming circle starts from you. That is, if you don’t take that step you need to take, other people that are meant to take that same step wouldn’t do same. Your dreams can make others to dream too.

You must understand that your dreams are an index to your greatness and other persons’ greatness; that is why you must not stop dreaming. My experience as a young dreamer has given me the sense that my dreams has also made others to start dreaming and because I wouldn’t give up, others wouldn’t give up too. I have this young friend, we connected on facebook, and she has been my friend and audience for the past years till date. In one of our conversation, she told me, “Daddy (like she fondly call me), I want to dream like you, I want to talk to people about life.” Wow! A light stroked in me. My dream just became measles, it just spread, my dream just became measles, it just spread, and she just ignites her light from mine. Since then she has been doing good. Did you just see? Dreams are contagious.


Don’t stop dreaming, so others won’t stop dreaming too!

Have you started dreaming? Yes! You should have, so, that’s not the driving point, because we must all dream, but the driving point and message is don’t stop dreaming. Your dreams should be “Incremental”, that is, “Incremental Dreams.” Why incremental? Dream your dreams step-by-step and start little in a small degree. Don’t rush but push with focus and determination.

Diligence is the key to a continuous success.

When you dream, you fail, dream again, you fail, dreams again until you succeed. Make your dream an incremental dream. However, as I read the book Dream Killer by Jim Raley, I came across these powerful words which made dreaming a continuous process. Let me share these words with you.

“Big dreamers do things differently from others. To dare to dream big is the difference that makes impossibilities a reality. Basketball superstar, Michael Jordan was cut from high school basketball team. However, he didn’t give up. His philosophy: “I play to win. The day I stop improving is the day I walk away from the game.” He didn’t just have a dream, he was committed to shooting three hundred baskets a day, and his dreams became a reality.”

To stand firm in the journey of life to destiny fulfillments, “you must have a vision to see your potentials and the faith to believe you can accomplish your dreams.” That believe keeps you going; the believe that God can do it through you and the believe that you can do it through God; because God has designed you to dream big. He has given you the mandate to dream and achieve your dreams. Let me share with you some powerful words from great minds that will make you never to stop dreaming.

  1. Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. – Anthony Robbins
  2. Nothing is impossible, if you set your mind to do it. – John C. Maxwell
  3. Expectations do not just come to reality; it comes with a work through spirit and attitude. – Temitope Oluwafemi
  4. Your will has to be stronger than your fear. – Bryant McGill
  5. Don’t let any hurdles stop you from living the life of your dreams. – John C. Maxwell
  6. When passion drives you, nothing stops you. – Temitope Oluwafemi

Don’t stop dreaming, because dreams are contagious, when you stop, others stop too!


As a light, you are meant to shine bright so others could see through you. Your light isn’t meant for only you to see with, so, shine for others to shine too! As Jim Raley once said, “As a dreamer, you are God’s gift to someone in your life. One of the most essential things you must realize and consider is how your dream will influence others.” Then if your dreams aren’t for you only, then the greatness of others is directly or indirectly related to your dreams and its fulfillment. That is, when and if you win in the race of life, you make others win too because, your dreams are contagious. Understand that your dream goes beyond you, it goes beyond your present position, and it travels into your future as it encompasses the totality of your life in God’s hand through you. If your dream is a God given dream, then it is going to be a big dream. The realization of your dream is linked with the realization of other person’s dream. As you follow through your dreams, it is also linked with the follow through spirit others would have too.

As a dreamer, you should posses the determination spirit and an “intestinal fortitude” to follow your dreams through to a manifested reality; by doing this you give other persons same ability and spirit, because your dream is like a measles, it spreads.

Always dream a good dream, because it’s not just you.

Let me relate with you history of great dreamers that had propelled the dreams of you and I today.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt big, so other could dream big too, today his dream had propelled the dreams of civil right activists.
  • Thomas Edison was also a great dreamer whom has influenced our dreams and will still continue to influence it. He stood by his dream so as to bring us out of darkness; and because of the light, we all have continued to dream. You see, dreams are really contagious.

The truth is, we have all benefited from others dream, yes, and we are dreaming because some persons had dreamt and still dreaming. Then it will be right to say dreams are contagious, so don’t stop dreaming because when you stop, others stop too.

Dreams are powerful disease, very contagious, it spread with speed. So, like I once said, DREAM THE GOOD DREAMS.

© Temitope Oluwafemi (Goal Getter)




triumBy Temitope Oluwafemi
“It is better to live your own life imperfectly,
than to imitate someone
else’s perfectly.” – Elizabeth Gilbert
“Living your life to Express and not to Impress.”
I was born to live my life to its fullest, the potentials to live my life to its fullest has been deposited in me, then the question is, how do I actually utilize my potentials to its fullest, is it when I live my life to impress or to express it? (That question is rhetorical, I wasn’t really expecting an answer directly, I only wanted you to meditate on it.)
You see, these potentials are in me, they are mine and they are my stepping stone to greatness if fully utilized. Well, you should understand that utilizing your potentials literally means expressing them from the inner you to the outside you for people to see.
Sometimes, you mistake living to express for living to impress. When you are too conscious of what people thinks about you, then, you are indirectly living to impress them. Actually you wouldn’t want people to say negative things about you, and then there are tendencies of you doing things to please people all your life which might not actually be a road to fulfillments of potentials or destiny.
“Live your life to express the true you and not to impress others.”
Understand that living to impress leads to pretence and lies which are disastrous to destiny fulfillments. In other words, living to impress does not bring out the true you out of you; it only shows how inferior you are to your own potentials which will be under used. Let’s be practical here, you have got a car, but you don’t put it to use, you prefer to use another person’s own. Well, the implications are these:
1. Your own car will be under-utilized.
2. You are bringing out the beauty of others (not yours) through yourself.
3. You haven’t attained fulfillments and also lack inner-peace of satisfaction.
When you live to express the true you, indirectly or directly, you are impressing some individuals who may not necessary be everybody. In other words, you cannot or may not be able to impress everybody through yourself expressions. Therefore, express yourself maximally to impress the few that chose to be impressed.
“Don’t change who you are for what you want, let who you want love you for who you are.”
You are peculiar to your environment; there is a peculiar reason and purpose why you are where you are.
Living to express is your ability to interpret your purpose from within to the outside world. As a light to the world, you live to let your light shine from your within, that is, you express the brightness of the light to its maximum.
Check yourself; have you been living to impress or to express?
 Do you think more about people’s comments about you than you think about yourself?
 Do you find yourself doing what people want you to do than what you want to do?
 Have you been trying to become like someone lately rather than trying to figure out what you are truly born to become?
 I don’t want people to see me, is that what you say?
Meditate on these questions as you check your life’s status of living.
Harold W. Becker said “express the real you that you are.” A great speaker which I was opportune to listen to, Patrick also said “what you do should express why you live.”
Living to express is equivalent to defining who you are, it is the practical act of telling people who you truly are and who you want to become.
Most persons live their lives based on the illusion of other persons, as their existence is based on the illusion expression of some certain people. Thus, they live to express the illusion of others and not actually to express their true self.
 Bring out the best in you and not the best of others through you.
 If you want to get the best of your life, live your life expressing the best in you.
 Chase your purpose fulfillments always.
 Do that which you enjoy doing and do it well.
 Whatever good thing you know how to do, do it well.
Effects of living to express
1. Inner-peace: This comes as a result of purpose discovery and fulfillments. Your body, mind and soul relate to give you the best.
2. Happiness: your joy here is renewed; it is an inbuilt kind of happiness which is the best.
3. Self satisfaction
4. Greatness
5. Destiny fulfillments
Effects of living to impress
1. Partial or no happiness/ inner-peace
2. Fear: you will become fearful of the unknown, you’ll become uncertain about what you think people want.
3. Mistakes: you will begin to make mistakes than you ever expected. In other words, you will become more conscious of your errors.
4. Partial or no self satisfaction
5. Under-utilized potentials
Most times, we live to impress others due to the fear of uncertainty, that is, the mindset of what people will say about what we do. Abolish that fear and you shall live to express.
Yes! Express yourself to its fullest.
© Temitope Oluwafemi

PAIN by Adediran Omotara Tblead

​image source: YouTube.com

Dragged to the surface

Her clothes ripped from her

Tears flowing from her eyes like rain drops

Screaming and struggling in pains as she was defiled

Pleading for mercy from her oppressor

 No saviour!

The satisfying grin on his face after tasting the sacred wine

 She held her torn cloth against her barely developed breast

She felt violated,she felt hatred not just for him but for humanity and the world

A world she has spent 16years in

A world in which she was separated from her parents by the gruesome hands of death

Days rolled into weeks,weeks into months

Vomiting and her tommy protruding 

She was mocked

The world rejected her

She couldn’t bear the pain

She tied a knot,made a loop

Ended her life of shame and anguish

Took her unborn child with her

She couldn’t bear to bring the unborn into the unjust world

Bright minds with great plans and ideas

Were shut off just because of an act,

Cruel act

Gruesome act that makes the world unfit to live in.

© Adediran Omotara (Tblead)



Image source: Cloverleaf Christian Centre 


Temitope Oluwafemi

Most of us, our growing up hasn’t been that smooth but the determination to succeed, passion for greatness, perseverance spirit and the hope of light at the end of the tunnel has kept us moving.

Well, we have fell, failed and made mistakes on our journey through life, but we kept moving, why? Because Mistakes and failure wasn’t made to draw us back or even stop us from moving but was created for us to replan, re-equip ourselves, try new things and even become more stronger.

I have always believed that A road blocked does not mean the end of the journey, as many roads lead to a destination, some you just have to create them.

Keep moving, just don’t stop. Why? Because, Step by step makes the Top.

Run! When you need to run.

Fly! When you need to fly.

Walk! When you need to walk.

Just don’t STOP. 

When an S is added to your journey to the TOP, then it becomes STOP. The Letter S stands for  STAGNANCY.

However, Never be decieved by the pleasure of relaxation when you needed to be moving. Therefore, keep moving until you get there. 

What do I need to keep me moving?

After a destination is being pictured – IMAGINATION – the next step is to start the journey into its fulfilment.

Well, the road to that destination is not always smooth, it is as rough and tough that you might want to stop half-way. However, these things will get you going without you giving up.

1. The Determination to Succeed: Determination has been one of the pushing force that has kept us moving. Like i once wrote, the road to success is not smooth as it appears but with the determination to succeed, you will never want to stop moving until you get there. With determination, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. Trust me, it works.

So, as you journey to greatness, let your imaginations, dreams and goals get married with determination and you shall give birth to fulfilments.

2. The Passion for Greatness: Passion! Love! Your feelings towards greatness. It is important not to mistake being passionate for being desperate. Well, they are two different things, as being passionate keeps you on the right path while being desperate might make you go wrong.

In a nutshell, be passionate about what you do, passion motivate your inner mind and gives you the spirit of perseverance, the mind that never give up.

Passion creates in you the perseverance spirit, the spirit that never give up.

3. Perseverance Spirit: This is the mind that never give up. It keeps you moving until you get there. With the determination to succeed and the passion for greatness you shall inherit the perseverance spirit.

4. The Hope of light at the end of the Tunnel: The journey of life is also related to be the Tunnel of life. The tunnel of life is characterized with lots of negativity, stones discouragement from family and friends, pessimists, hates and failures. But with the hope of getting to the light at the end of the Tunnel, you will keep moving until you get to the light.

Give yourself reasons to keep moving and never to give up.

Motivate your inner mind, body and soul towards achieving success.

Never stop moving until you get to that place you want to be.

I have always said to myself,

I have chosen a path to follow, it’s the path to greatness. With the Hope of light at the end of the Tunnel, i shall keep moving until i get there, no matter how rough and tough it may look.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi



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TMF Admin.

That Unique Salvation by Ayegbusi Oluwatosin Esther


A preacher came up to me one day and he was like give your life to Christ
Though, I had heard this a thousand times
And something in the corner of my heart was telling me “why?
Why would you do that?
Of course I had given my life to Him many times, sworn allegiance,

Yet I wasn’t sure of the salvation he was talking about
And he went on and on and on about this supreme God and salvation
He said I’m sure you know we’re in the perilous time
and to live a Christian life, we should be able to grasp the word of life

So I became curious, curious than ever before
I go to church sometimes, sing praises to God, what more could he demand?
Now the preacher was certain he got my attention this time
Then he said not only must a person be totally committed,
but within context of that commitment,
there is a giving of everything in that person
Again I became intensely curious, but my inability to take decisions prevented me from pursuing the matter to a conclusion
And I began to drift backward as I done before…

Fundamentally, we’re human beings: this is the only thing that counts,
And you would think it would be easy to talk to someone on equal terms
But no such is the incredible perversity of the human race that we persist in making complications
We revel in the art of obscurity class, race, and obscenity

Age, creed- all meaningless terms clogged in the misconception of centuries
In the end, the only true word is Life
So I moved slowly over this other reality, and beside it, and underneath, and around it
Now with strength, now with power, yet with a giving of myself to it
And He perceived this
Coming forward with His own power giving Himself to me in turn
Yet I know it’s more than illusion
Sometimes a coming together is possible,
a spilling of one reality into another
A kind of soft enlacing
Not prim intersections loomed in a world of precision

So this time, I gave my life to Him
In a more unique way
It was a different feeling
Now I realize the concept of salvation is Him
He’s the king, the prince of peace
And now you can see
The bible speaks of Him
He gave me hope of eternal home.

Tosyn Writes



“Before God choose you, God has given you the ability and intelligence to fulfill His purpose for your life. You just have to understand His creativity in you.”
(Read Exodus 35 v 10-35) – Temitope Oluwafemi

God is a creative God – His creativity has made the world what it is, the natural beautification of the earth and space is beyond human’s comprehension and explanation. Imagine the world before creation, the bible made us to understand that the earth was void and shapeless, and there was total darkness upon the face of the earth. (Read Gen. 1 v 1-2).

As a creative God, he knew that the first change that could be made to the void and dark earth was to create light. “…and he said, let there be light, and there was light.” Gen. 1v3.  WOW! Wonder of Wonders.

What a God of creativity. Can you explain the source of light to the earth?” its God’s creativity, His works are beyond human’s comprehension. The creation of the Heavens, Earth (Soil), Plants, Seas, Water, The Firmaments of The Heavens, The Skies, The Sea Animals, Land Animals, Mammals, Reptiles, Trees, Birds, Mountains, Valley and every other thing that God has created. Imagine the arrangement of the earth, it is beyond human understanding, it only reflect the creative power of God. God created the Garden of Eden the arrangement of all what he has created – such arrangement is beyond imagination. What a perfect arrangement. God’s creations are perfect and they are wonderfully made.

After the creation of the Garden of Eden, God said “let us create man in our image.” (Gen. 1 v 26). However, before the statement, God knew he would need someone with the same creativity to manage the affairs of the beautiful things he had created, not only to manage them, but also to pro-create from His creations. Then creating man was the best option for God. He called upon His Council of Elders – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God worked with the ideas of the councils, he is the greatest leader. And the Bible recorded that God took out of the Soil of the Earth and He molded man – God is the greatest artist. God created man and gave the breath of life to man, and man came to life.

This is creativity, it is beyond our explanation. God created man in His own image, this means, you are the image of God. When God gave the breath of life to man, he gave us His characteristics and His inherent abilities. That is why we are called “Small god”. That moment when God gave the breath of life to us, we became small gods and also we have fulfilled the purpose of creating man in His image. In respect to the creation of man, God has deposited in us, me and you a strong percentage of His abilities and creativity which is sufficient for us, me and you to fulfill His purpose for your life. When we understand the creativity of God, it gives us an insight to unleashing our own creativeness. Since that moment you were given the breath of life, you have inhabit the greatness and creativeness of God in you. That is why you are capable of doing anything you believe you could do, even beyond your own imagination. Why will you belittle yourself to what you can achieve, when what you have in you is not little? You’ve got to unleash the creativeness of God in you, because it’s all in you.

For every man that is born, there is a purpose and for every purpose, there is a given ability. Understanding your purpose is quite different from knowing your ability. Your ability represents your creativeness and your purpose is your destiny. God gives purpose and also the ability to fulfill such purpose. Before God choose you, God has given you the ability and intelligence to fulfill his purpose for your life. You’ve got to understand this creativity in you; by this I mean, your God’s given inherent ability. (Read Exodus 35 v 10-35).

To understand God’s creativeness in you, you have to create a working relationship with God, follow His steps, obey Him and Believe in Him; through this relationship, God will reveal a lot to you about YOU and HIM. God said “before you were born, I know you”, that is, God knew you and His purpose for your life is clearly define, you just have to understand the creativity of God; because it’s in you.

Understanding God’s creativity give an insight to understanding your own creativeness. Yes! You are creative in your world of purpose; you’ve got the power, greatness, and ability to solve the world’s complex problems.

We are all created to solve a problem, and to solve problems, you must first identity them. It’s in you, if you believe it’s in you. You can achieve greatness if you believe you can The creativity of God the Son which is inspired by God the Holy Spirit through the powering of God the Father, gives the understanding that the Council of Gods are all creative. Check the works of Jesus (God the Son) while on earth; from His first miracle (practice of creativeness) which was turning of water to wine (read John 2 v 1 – 11). Can you explain the chemistry? To the feeding of 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and seven fish. (Read John 6 v 1 – 14). Tell me, can you explain that multiplication principle? Jesus was chosen for the job, (John 3 v 16 and Mark 1 v 11) and He was likewise given the power and ability to fulfill His Purpose on earth. Same thing is applicable to you as a creation of God, you are created for a purpose, you are chosen to solve a problem, in respect to this, God Has likewise given you the power, skills, intelligence and ability to fulfill His purpose for your life. For every purpose you are born for, there is always an inherent given ability for its fulfillments.

God bless the works of your hand.
God bless the thought of your hearth. You are more than what you think you are, You’ve got more than just a common thinking in you. You are more creative than you think. You were not created just to live a common live. You are created for an extraordinary purpose.
Discover the creativity of God in you and Provoke it to function.
Enjoy the creativeness of God in your life.
God Bless you.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi

The Don’t of life by Kolawole S. Olaoye


Don’t get tired when you are not done
Don’t think you don’t make mistakes
Don’t get tired of making mistakes but get tired of making same mistakes if truly you want to learn.
Don’t get tired of evaluating yourself
Don’t think everyone will be at peace with you
Don’t think everyone wants your success
Don’t think everyone wants your failure
Don’t think you are free of shortcomings
Don’t think you know all
Don’t think you know nothing
Don’t think you have it all
Don’t get tired of learning because you are yet to utilize your full potential. Hmmm…don’t you know you are braver than you think you are? You are who you are and you are braver than you think you are.
My friend, you are genetically coded to do exploit, that is what I mean by saying “you are who you are”
Don’t allow the negative side of your environment to debar you from utilizing your potential. That environment of yours is full of opportunities, open your eyes wide you will see them. May God release His grace and unction on you so as to see that idea you need for your breakthrough in life.
Don’t be lazy and
Don’t be negative in thoughts. Always embrace the motivational clause “I can” and I tell you, you will do exploit.
Above all Don’t forget God
In this present Nigeria, some are seriously complaining that things are not easy while the businesses of some are seriously booming. My friend, *be busy* that is what the word *business* connotes. Be busy, but with something profitable.
You are destined for success. So, be conscious of your action(s) so as to see and enjoy that bright future, may your joy not be truncated for you are engineered for success.



This is something great and significant coming from my table at this hour of the year. It is visible to all that this year is coming to an end. However, before we round off the year, alot can still be changed.
Well, i will be writing on a change of attitude.

Your attitude in the coming year should be that which draws success closer.

*Put all your pasts behind and project to a wonderful year with the right attitude*

You should understand that, having the right attitude towards things makes things right for you. Your past should not control your present and therefore having a strong negative effect on your future.

“Everything from your past does not belong in your present.” – Lolly Daskal

Do you nuture an attitude that does not give up on the past?, i mean an attitude that holds onto the mistakes of the past?
Well, it takes you no where but only rob you of the possibility of having a successful year. A change of attitude is what you need.
Check the overview of the past year(s), check your past mistake(s), allow them only to guide your steps in the coming year, never allow them to control you.

Winston Churchill said “Attitude is that small thing that makes a big difference.”

The kind of attitude you nuture is a reflection of how successful your year would be. Your attitude means alot, as it is the totality of your life in your own hands.

Before the new year, change your attitude.
*Change your attitude towards your dream.
*Change your attitude towards your goals.
*Change your attitude towards your life.
*Change your attitude towards your relationship.
*Change your attitude towards your pasts.
*Change your attitude towards your career.
*Change your attitude towards people.
*Change your attitude towards everything.

“Your capacity will take you to the top but your attitude will keep you there.” – Unknown Author.

The kind of attitude you possess or nuture tell alot about the kind of person you are.

*Nothing is impossible for you to achieve when you have the right attitude towards it.*

Before the new year, change your attitude.

Wishing you a fulfilled year ahead.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM By Temitope Oluwafemi


Do you think you are a victim? If Yes, A victim of what?
Are you responsible for your current position in life?
You think it’s not you? Then you think its life’s doing?
You think your actions are not connected to your current position (whether better or worse)?
You just think life is treating you so bad, I mean so unequal?

Oh! You say to yourself, I am a victim of life’s negativity; I am a victim of life’s harsh and brutish nature. I haven’t gotten the best out of life, sometimes you even say, I am not getting what I desire from life.
However, the question is, are you really a victim? No! You are not a victim, you are not a victim of whatever you think life has given you or perhaps things you get from it. We were created extraordinarily to manifest and show the glory of God in our life, the mandate to be great has been given to us from birth, some seeds of greatness have been deposited in to us – we have got to command them to grow not minding the different obstacle we face in our life time. We are not a victim and were never created a victim, but only your choice, decisions and attitude can make you one.

Let’s take a simple path to know who a victim really is. Who is a victim? A victim is someone who has suffered attack, injuries and even suffered death as a result of a particular given phenomena. You become a victim when something happen to you unaware but however, you can choose to remain a victim or not to remain one. That Is why I said you are not actually a victim.
As we proceed through this mind changing journey, we shall examine the life of a woman who fell victim at first but decided not to remain a victim for life because she knew she wasn’t one. You should understand that you are the product of your choices, decisions and attitude. You are not actually a victim, only your actions and inactions can make you a victim. You can choose to be a victim or not, it’s your choice.
You can fall and fail, because the road to greatness is rough and tough, but you become a victim when you choose not to rise up again.
Then it becomes your fault and not life’s. Some things could have happened to you in life that has made you think you are a victim, but your attitude towards such things can change your destiny. Why? Because it’s your choice.

Oprah Winfrey
Her story: She was raped at 14 which got her pregnant, she later lost the child. Oh! Has that made her a victim? You may say yes, but she decided not to remain a victim for life. She stood up and started life again to become an achiever and a star of which she is today. Tell me, will you see her today and say she was a victim? No! You won’t even want to say that. She now dines and wine with kings and presidents; because she has achieved greatness. Her net worth is about $3.1 billion as at 2015.

Zig Ziglar’s Questions.
In one of Late Zig Ziglar’s public presentation, he pops up these questions.

The First question
“How many of you believe there’s something you can do in the next three weeks that would make your personal life, your family life and your business life worse”?

The Second question
“How many of you believe there’s something you can do in the next three weeks to make your personal life, your family life and your business life better”?

The Third question
“How many of you believe that the choice is yours”?

The Forth question
“How many of you believe every choice has an end result”?
However, Ziglar concluded by saying “Here’s what you just agreed to; there’s something you can do right now that can make your life either better or worse, and that the choice is yours. You are not a victim.” Now, you should have a better understanding of what I mean by saying you Are not a victim.
As Ziglar has illustrated above, only you can decide to make your life and world either better or worse; you’ve got the most powerful instrument to use within you, it’s your decision making power.
You’re the owner of your world; you can make it look either beautiful or ugly.
The choice is yours.  
Do you believe you are the author of your life’s story?
Then ask yourself, AM I A VICTIM?

I am Temitope Oluwafemi






Successful men go through a lot of experiences; man in his journey to success is prone to challenges, difficulties and trials.

Man is created with potentials to succeed by his creator, but the road to success is characterized by different obstacles and it is always under construction.

In the race of life, challenges are inevitable, but your will to succeed makes you look ahead of those challenges. A focus mind sees every obstacle as a stepping stone to success.

Understand that without the tunnel of fire, Gold cannot be valuable, that is it true value. GOLD! When raw, is shapeless and undesirable.

The beauty of gold is not visible not until it goes through hot channel, through fire and hard-beating by the goldsmith, at the end of all this, the raw gold becomes a shining and valuable item.

So also is the life of a dreamer who wants to go beyond dreaming and becoming a Goal Getter. A dreamer is a person who set goals. When you never take a step to achieve the set goals, then you will remain a dreamer.

Understand that you can proceed from being a dreamer to a goal getter. You can become a triumphant if you take that step of ignition to go get your goal. In achieving success, it takes a focused mind to overcome the inevitable challenges.

Triumphant after the tunnel draws a picture of victory after some moments of hardships, difficulties and trials. Tunnel here is characterized by the presence of difficulties, hardship and trials. Understand that there is always a light after the tunnel certainly for those who pursue the light with Passion, Determination, Perseverance and The Hope of light at the end of tunnel.

Therefore, to every youth who has a goal, vision and dream to pursue, understand that your journey to success represents this tunnel, because the journey to success is not as smooth and easy as it appears. But if your dreams, goals or visions are pursued with passion, determination and perseverance, you will be transformed from being just a dreamer to a goal getter. That is to let you know that there is always a victory after the tunnel for those who believe.

You should know that whatever hardship, difficulties or situation you are going through now is your tunnel in life – your road to success. You should believe that you can become a triumphant after going through this tunnel.

Never give up! Successful people don’t do that.

Click on your dreams and Believe you can make it.

The road to success (tunnel of life) is rough and tough as it is characterized by fear, pessimist, negative reactions from friends and family, distractions and obstructions. Etc. but if you travel through the tunnel of life equipped with passion for your goal, determination and a persevering spirit, then you would become a triumphant after your tunnel. Do not be deceived by the pleasure of relaxation when you needed to be working, it is very important.

Today, I say to you never give up on your dreams because, Dreams are like stars, when followed diligently, they could lead you to your greatness.

You shall be called success.

Stay Achieved

Stay Inspired

Stay Motivated

Stay Encouraged

Stay Determined.

Stay A-I-M-E-D.

With PASSION, DETERMINATION AND PERSEVERANCE (P.D.P) becoming a Triumphant is sure.


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Welcome To JULY 2016.
A new Month is here again .
Know that to accomplish great things start by having a great mind-set.
A great mind that believe greatly in the accomplishment of great things  will surely accomplish that which is great.
Understand that the journey to success starts by discovering yourself. you own the power to decide your future success, because your destiny lies in your hand.
This month is another journey to success, do not repeat the mistakes of last month and do not hold on to those mistakes. if you do, they are likely not to make you proceed in your journey to success this month.
When you keep looking back at your negative past and still hold on to them then moving forward becomes difficult.
You are not a failure until you let your yesterday’s failure overcome your today’s success.
Embrace a positive mind-set, move on and never hold on to your past mistakes, when they say you can not, tell them you can.
You are a GOAL GETTER.
This Month,
Stay Achieved
Stay Inspired
Stay Motivated
Stay Encouraged
Stay Determined.
That is, stay A-I-M-E-D.
Your MONTH of great accomplishment. – TMF


change i wanted2

“Suddenly,          There was a change of plans.

There was a change of goals orientation.

There was a change in my objectives.

There was a change in my targets.

There was a change of dreams.

There was a different between who I was and who I am.

There was a change in my attitude, it moved from wrong to right.

I moved from being a pessimist to an optimist, Positive thinking became one of my make up characteristics.

Success became a must for me and not an option.

I discovered my essence.

I knew why I was born.

My consciousness was awoken and now I am in charge.

I saw excellence as a part of me.

I perceived the new air, the new life and breath.

I moved from purposeless to purposeful so as to give life to the lifeless.

I moved from vision-less to a visionary being.” As he narrated.

He is a friend and a brother to me (actually from another mother). I met Amerior Sunday Emmanuel. in the University; we became friends, share talks and ideas. During the course of our discussion, he gave me this testimony about himself. Today, he is a member of this initiative, a mind changing Writer and Speaker. One of his upcoming write-ups is Triumphant after the Tunnel. A work I was opportune to contribute to. However, anticipate this write up; it’s a must to read.

However, he continued, “At fifteen (15), I wasn’t who I was now, I wasn’t awakened, as I was deep asleep in the potentiary world. My essence wasn’t revealed to me. Who I was and who I want to be was not my priority. However my friend, it’s a pitiful life. A life that lacks future productivity.”


Oh! What a CHANGE.

Change is an inevitable process in a human’s life. From time to time, individuals experience certain change in their lives, some biological scholars said “Change Is Natural”, but that’s the structural, functional and organic aspect of human.

However, as a speaker, I came to understand that there are various changes that could occur in an individual’s life but are not natural, these changes happen when certain level of consciousness is been awoken by one self. This change is self made thing. We can call it “Self Discovery”, the first step to becoming a Goal Getter.

There are:

Change in Attitude

Change in Mindset

Change in Ideas and innovations.

Powerful transformation of whole self consciousness

A change from being a baby dreamer to an achiever.

A change from “I CAN’T” attitude to “I CAN” attitude.

A change from being a “GOAL SETTER” to a “GOAL GETTER”

A change of nationality to the potentiary world, a citizenship that is acquired by new self birth. A new breath of hope, new dreams and goals are perceived, a new reason for living is created and the zeal to succeed is awakened.

Are you asleep in the world of potentials? This is the change you need. Provoke that spirit of excellence in you and be determined to succeed. Don’t settle for good, never rest for better but rather project towards excellence. A lot have been deposited in you by God, you are not just an ordinary being because you are extraordinary created by your creator. All you need do is to discover your essence, provoke your extraordinary spirit to function. It’s like a miracle, things beyond your own imagination that you could do. You have been given the power and ability to perform beyond expectation. Now is the CHANGE time. You are who you say you are, that is why a change of attitude and thinking is important.

If you don’t have answers to these questions yet, then you are ripe for that CHANGE.

You need to ask yourself questions like:

  • Why am I CREATED?
  • Why am I BORN?
  • What is my ESSENCE and PURPOSE?
  • Who am I?
  • How many lives have I TOUCHED?
  • Will others see through my light?
  • What will I be known for?
  • What will be my impact on Earth?
  • Do I have the I CAN attitude?
  • What is that thing that DRIVES me?


Do you find yourself meditating on these questions? Then your change time is now. The process of getting answers to these questions is the power filled and mind opening process of CHANGE.

This is the CHANGE you need and Today is the Right time, don’t procrastinate, let others see through your light, but you can only put that light on when you discover yourself.

I am Temitope Oluwafemi

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what have you chosen

A friend of mine wrote:
“You are not born a winner, you are not born a loser. You are only born a chooser.”

Then i wrote: write your own story

It is not your fault that you fall, but it becomes your fault if you do not rise. It is your choice.
Failure is inevitable, but not to give up is a choice.
I once said to my friend: “To give up is not an option for me, because i will never give up on my dreams.” That’s the choice i have made.
I have Chosen to be a WINNER.
I have chosen to write my life’s story in greatness and accomplishment of destiny.
I have chosen to be a winner in my marriage.
I have chosen to be a winner in my business,
and as a student, i have chosen academic excellence.
With the ‪#‎RIGHTATTITUDE‬ and Actions, ‪#‎iHaveCHOSENTOBEAWINNER‬.
“If you succeed, people will claim you, but when you fail, people will blame you. So, Choose wisely.”
Temitope Oluwafemi

You as a chooser and writer of own destiny,

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right attitude

Sometimes in life, the right things happen at the wrong time, while sometimes, the wrong result are gotten at the right time.
But your attitude towards these happenings could make them yield the best result. In other words, change your attitude towards life.
Positive mindset equals positive result. How?
“Positive mindset creates a positive thinking, positive thinking initiates a positive action and a positive action creates a positive result.”
– Temitope Oluwafemi
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How will you write your story?
Every human is a story writer.
Man is the writer of his own story. How do you want to tell your story? How do you want it to be told?
The decisions you make today have a reflection on your tomorrow’s story.
You are never a victim. Understand that whatever you choose to do in the next three weeks can make you a great individual, do you also know that whatever you do in the next three weeks can make you a failure? Yes! How do you want to write your story?
What happens to you in life does not really matter, what matters is how you react to that situation.
You are the writer of your own future.
Your destiny lies in your own hands.
This is a story of a man who wants to know how his future will look like.
There was a man who visited an herbalist to know what his destiny will look like.
This is their conversation.
Man: baba, i want to know my destiny, i mean my future.
Herbalist: my son, what is it about your future you want to know?
Man: baba, i want to know if my destiny will be bright. I want to know if i have a bright future.
Herbalist: hmmm, my son thats thoughtful of you, but you shall go and come back in seven days so i would have made the preparations.
Man: okay baba, i will be here in seven days.
Seven days later…
Herbalist: welcome my son.
Man: thank you baba, so have you check? Will i have a bright destiny?
Herbalist: come! Seat here my son.
The herbalist brought out a millipede and two chalks(black and white).
The herbalist did something practical. What did he do? He drew a circle with the white chalk and also with the black chalk.
Conversation continues…
Man: baba what is this?
Herbalist: listen my son, this millipede here represents your destiny, if it walks into the black chalk circle, this means your destiny is a dark one without light, but if it walks into the white chalk circle, it means you have a bright future, a destiny full of light. So be patient and watch.
The herbalist droped the millipede which he picked from calabash.
The millipede was moving while the man was watching, the millipede started moving towards the dark circle, almost in the black circle, suddenly, the man picked up the millipede and droped it into the white chalked circle. (what! What a self made destiny, i mean a self written destiny).
Conversation continues…
Herbalist: (with surprise) son, why did you do that? You shouldn’t have touched the millipede.
Man: i did because my destiny lies in my hand. I will be blamed if i let it go dark. In me lies the power to make it what i choose to. My decisions are reflections of what my future will look like. So baba, i have chosen to write a great story of my life.
The End!
So as every individuals, Your destiny lies in your hands. You are the writer of your own life story.
Temitope Oluwafemi

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2015-08-25 16.13.38

What are dreams?

What is greatness?

What is the nexus between one’s dreams and one’s greatness?

These are the questions that come to one’s heart when the topic Dreams – An index to one’s greatness comes in. There are visions, missions and aspirations of what to accomplish or fulfill in the nearest future as contrast one’s current position, that is if you have one.

Every man’s achievement is based on his earlier perceived vision about it. I call it imagination. Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attraction.

Back to the question – What are Dreams?

A dream is am imparted picture of a great future that one have in his heart, dreams are imparted picture of the future. A dream becomes a dream when one is determined or possesses the mind set of achieving that which he had imagined.

Dreams are imaginations of a great future – an imaginary picture of one’s tomorrow.

Your tomorrow is shaped by the kind of dreams or imaginations you have today.

When you dream BIG, when you Imagine BIG, when you have this BIG vision – you will surly become BIG.

Meaning, when you dream of Being In Greatness, you will surely Be In Greatness. Yes! Only with determination.

Your imagination with a close determination will take you to your desired destination.

Having understood what dreams are, let’s proceed to know what greatness is.

Greatness is the reward to every determined, dedicated and diligent dream follower. Greatness is relative to success. Greatness is to be the best among your kinsmen, greatness is to attain certain height in one’s life time. Finally greatness is like a destination.

One thing one should understand about greatness is that you cannot get to a destination without knowing it.

Many things are involved in becoming great in life. Greatness don’t just happen, yes we are born to be great but greatness is not known to be ready-made. it involves a lot.

  • You need to imagine that which you want to become.
  • Draw a picture of your desired future in your heart
  • Work toward achieving that which you have imagined and be focus
  • Dedicate yourself and time to achieving your dreams

Surely, you will get to your destination which is your greatness.

My question is what connects one’s dreams and greatness?

What is the nexus between one’s dream and greatness?

Many youths today don’t have a dream, they are following a path without knowing where they are heading to. In other words, they are on a journey without a destination.

As a youth, you should have a destination – a place you are heading to in life because when you see it, God will give it.

Be a vision driven youth, because you cannot get what you don’t want.

Understand that it is only a known destination that can be reached.

Your dreams or imagination will always take you to greatness, not just by mere dreaming it or imagining it but by acting towards achieving it.

Let your imaginations, dreams and goals get married with determination and you shall give birth to fulfillment.

Do you know that you can achieve whatever you have as your dream or whatever youhave imagined?

Your dreams or imaginations are your index to greatness – that is why I say a man’s dream is an index to his greatness.

Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them but if you follow them, they will take you to your destiny.

You must know the importance of dreams and imaginations. Because to accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.

The importance of imaginations and dreams is also seen in Albert Einstein quote. He said

“Imagination encompasses of everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attraction”. (Emphasis added).

One thing one should understand is that without a dram, an imagination or goal there is no greatness, there is no accomplishment. Because when you dream it, you will have it.

Good imagination is the framework of every great man’s achievement.

Know that you can achieve whatever you have imagined. How?

You keep your dreams alive – understand that to achieve anything requires faith. Believe in yourself, have vision, be hardworking, have determination and self-dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Also, remember with GOD all things are possible.